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Business Strategy

Dar Zeema’s strategy is based on our comprehensive understanding of the Real Estate & Housing market and the fundamentals of the industry. We have accumulated long term understanding of factors effecting and directing the business including government, economic, and social issues. Our client segment 40% of the Saudi population (high middle income to high income) (B class), looking for a quality of living and investing in their homes with excellent financial capacity.

Dar Zeema will achieve its goals through:

  1. Partnership with major and strategic landlords.
  2. Invest in Dar Zeema local, regional and international financial base.
  3. Empower Dar Zeema through alliances with major master planning, contract management firms that will add value to Dar Zeema.
  4. Partner with world class real estate development, property
    Management and marketing groups.
  5. For our clients we are partners for success before being investors or developers.
  6. Form world class project alliances.
  7. We invite our clients, alliance partners, cities, country to win with us.

We should be the model that everybody admires.

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